Recruitment Solutions: General Recruitment

General Recruitment

Entry, Administrative, Professional

With a range of practical, cost-effective services, CPS HR can assist your agency in attracting qualified candidates faster, easier and with more productive results. We understand that hiring qualified entry/administrative/professional personnel is a critical workforce issue and recruiting and selecting qualified candidates is not an easy task. Our experienced consultants can provide outreach services, partial or full recruitment and selection services that range from marketing and outreach to managing the entire recruitment and selection process, designed to save you valuable time and budget dollars.

Recruitment Plan/Strategy
  • Client collaboration
  • Develop a recruitment plan
  • Review of job specifications/classification
  • Define candidate profile with hiring authority
  • Identify testing/assessment needs
Advertising, Outreach & Sourcing
  • Standard, single page job bulletin
  • Identify advertising sources
  • Create marketing campaign
Screening and Selection
  • Minimum qualification and resume review
  • Targeted screening interview (4 to 5 questions)
  • Develop interview questions and train interview panel for client’s interview process
  • Provide list of qualified candidates