Recruitment Solutions: Remote Hiring

CPS HR Consulting has secured technology to assist you in conducting remote interviews to not only achieve business continuity but to create a more efficient hiring experience. This technology various options for our clients to use when conducting interviews.

Interview Builder

  • Create a structured interview experience for your candidates and hiring team with simple interview guides.

Interview on Demand

  • Allows candidates a simple and interactive one-way video interview experience that can be completed anytime, anywhere.
  • One-way video interviews can be completed outside of business hours, creating flexibility for both your team and your candidates. As a result, most candidates submit their interviews less than 24 hours after receiving the invite.
  • Candidates can access their one-way video interviews on any device through a web browser.

Interview Scheduler

  • Automates your interview scheduling process to reduce the time-consuming manual tasks that come with scheduling interviews.
  • Candidates can schedule their interview from their phone, laptop, or anywhere with a browser. Many candidates schedule within the first few hours of receiving the invitation and the majority schedule within 24 hours.
  • The automated interview scheduling software syncs your hiring team’s calendar availability into one easy-to-use calendar that enables candidates to easily select a time for individual, back-to-back, and panel interviews.

Interview Connect

  • Expands your talent pool and connects with remote candidates anywhere in real time with live video interviews.
  • Allows hiring teams to rate and score candidates in real time and with the same information. You can re-watch the live video interviews after they have been completed to further review candidates’ responses.
  • Candidates can complete the live video interview, and learn more about your company, from the comfort of their own homes and without traveling into the office. For remote candidates, this also allows an easier live interview experience, skipping the time and cost of travel.