County of San Diego, CA

Chief Administrative Officer

San Diego, California
$252,948.80 - $415,979.20
Filing Deadline:
First review of applications: February 20, 2024

County of San Diego, CA is accepting applications for their Chief Administrative Officer position.  This at-will position provides executive-level management and maximizes the County of San Diego’s government to deliver a wide variety of services meeting the social, health, and safety needs of the County’s citizens.

The CAO functions as the principal administrative officer to the Board of Supervisors and has full responsibility for executing the vision and implementing policies and Board directives and directs operations of the County. The CAO also oversees and directs the operations of the Chief Administrative Office which is comprised of three other important units: 1) the Office of Equity and Racial Justice; 2) the Office of Ethics, Compliance, and Labor Standards consisting of Office of Ethics & Compliance and the Office of Labor Standards and Enforcement; 3) the Office of Evaluation, Performance, & Analytics; and 4) the newly formed Office of Economic Development & Government Affairs.

The CAO is accountable for providing strong leadership while modeling core values and guiding principles of integrity, pride, trust, and respect within this highly ethical organization. The CAO appoints the department heads and general managers as set forth in the Charter and Administrative Code. Through a very skilled leadership team, the CAO oversees a values-based organization that implements Board-prioritized short- and long-term strategies to accomplish the County’s mission and vision. The CAO is responsible for making recommendations to the Board that result in cost-effective programs to better serve the public, the Board, and county departments. The CAO’s duties are set forth in the Charter and Administrative Code.

Pamela Derby
Manager/Executive Recruiter
CPS HR Consulting
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