Director of Parks and Recreation

Tucson, Arizona
Filing Deadline:
September 14, 2020

The City of Tucson, AZ is seeking a Parks & Recreation Director. The ideal candidate is a creative and service-oriented professional who has outstanding leadership and the desire to drive innovation and continuous process improvement.  Strong candidates will have demonstrated success as a highly effective professional who has the knowledge and experience to adapt to the evolving health, wellness and recreation needs of the citizens of the City of Tucson. The best qualified candidates understand that parks and recreation programming and services are integral and essential to quality of life in an urban setting. The ideal candidate can balance services and resources in ways that reflect social equity and support the diversity of Tucson’s neighborhoods and residents.  The ideal candidate has strategic clarity on how parks and recreation are critical to a sustainable approach that strengthens the health, safety, economic vibrancy and natural environment of the City of Tucson and its Sonoran Desert setting.

The City seeks candidates that are progressive, proactive, forward thinking and prepared to embrace all aspects of Tucson’s culture and heritage. Candidates must demonstrate they have the desire to be visibly present and support the many festivals and special events at City facilities where one can experience the food, music, art, and outdoor activities that make Tucson’s quality of life a key community asset.

The ideal candidate will be straightforward, demonstrating the highest levels of integrity, yet passionate and always professional in attitude and action.  A blend of technical and interpersonal skills is necessary to ensure optimal customer experiences, sound management of human resources, and a proper stewardship of public resources.  To be a good fit in this organization, the ideal candidate must be highly collaborative with peers and colleagues and capable of developing partnerships with private and public entities.

The Director has regular interaction with local elected officials and makes presentations to the Mayor and Council, therefore, strong presentation skills and political acumen are essential ingredients for this position. Additionally, the ideal candidate should have a macro-perspective that allows them to understand the importance of the Director’s role in the City government and the Tucson community.

Kylie Wilson
Senior Executive Recruiter
CPS HR Consulting
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