Licensing & Certification

The experts at CPS HR offer a full range of credentialing services, from program design to test development and administration, to accreditation application support. Because each profession has unique challenges, we tailor our services to meet your program’s specific needs. You can rely on CPS HR to ensure the integrity of your credentialing program. Regardless of the scope, our consultants provide creative, cost-effective, and professional services that make your job easier. By choosing CPS HR, you can rest assured that you’ll have the highest quality exams delivered in a consistent and secure manner, and that your credentialing program will be legally defensible, valid, reliable, and fair.
CPS HR Consulting provides a full range of testing services for licensing and certification - from initial analysis of the job, to the development of the exam to indicate if a candidate possesses the required qualifications to perform the job, and test administration. We take the stress out of the process for you, with application and fee management, continuing education requirements and eligibility determination, as well as candidate support. And you can select the examination mode that is right for you: paper and pencil, online, oral and/or practical. Applying decades of experience to every stage of the process, CPS HR Consulting is the leading authority in licensing and certification.

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A job/practice analysis is a systematic process used to identify the knowledge and skills required to perform the credentialed profession with at least the minimum required competence at the time the credential is earned. The job/practice analysis study provides evidence of the content validity of the credentialing test and supports the task of identifying candidates who are competent and qualified for the position. CPS HR conducts job analysis studies in adherence with all relevant professional credentialing and testing standards and guidelines. The result serves as the foundation for the test development.
The test plan, also known as the examination blueprint, serves as a roadmap for test developers, and is the next step in our full testing services program. It will identify the specific categories on information to be included in the credentialing test, the objectives to be covered in each category, and how many test items will comprise each category.
CPS HR provides a full array of test development services to meet your program’s specific needs. Applying best practices and decades of experience, CPS HR combines innovation with established testing and credentialing standards and guidelines to design and develop examinations to accommodate your requirements and including multiple-choice written examinations, and hands-on skills-based practical tests with results you can rely on.
CPS HR offers test and test program administration services that include the full range of credential-related activities: full program design and management, review and evaluation of candidates’ applications including education and qualifications to determine eligibility for testing, candidate management and call center support, scheduling and administering testing processes, exam administration and scoring services. These services can be mixed, matched and combined to provide you with the most inclusive, outsourced service offering that best meets your test administration needs.

Our test administration services include all tasks associated with planning and delivering written examinations, performance tests, and any combination of these instruments for certification and employment selection. Our services are scalable and can include the complete outsourcing of your program’s test delivery function for one or more credentials. We tailor our services to meet your specific needs, ensure compliance with credentialing standards, and follow professional credentialing best practices.

We offer:
  • Exam administration (paper/pencil; computer-based testing - in person, online, remote proctoring;
    oral and practical)
  • Vast pool of skilled and trained professional proctors
  • Candidate scheduling and management
  • ADA compliance and other special accommodations
  • Secure in-house printing of exam materials

CPS HR offers a full array of candidate management options tailored to your specific needs, program requirements and desired level of involvement. You can select the level of service that best fits your needs. With our full service applicant management services, you will have a secure, online registration module with web-based registration and account management and a client portal for access to records and approvals. Or if you do not wish to include online registration in your process, we offer phone registration and data entry services for hard-copy registration forms.

CPS HR makes the process easy for you from start to finish. We can collect fees and review applications, continuing education requirements, transcripts, and other minimum qualifications to determine applicant eligibility. In addition to applicant support, registration, application review and recertification, we can create and distribute various types of correspondence for your program including letters and notifications, applicant information packets, study materials, scoring breakdowns, brochures, appeal responses and more. We work to align all of the systems and services we design and implement with client objectives to ensure long term results and successful applicant management.

  • Customized solutions for candidate management
  • Candidate communication and call center support
  • Applicant registration and fee management
  • Review of qualifications and eligibility determination
  • Review of continuing education requirements
  • Recertification and renewals management
  • Scheduling and results notification
  • Score Reporting

CPS HR Consulting is the leader in credentialing program development, oversight, and management – we bring decades of experience to every stage of the accreditation process.

We offer a full range of program management-related services. Our certification and licensure experts specialize in assessing your program’s needs, identifying the components that are missing, recommending the improvements that should be made, and educating our clients on the value of accreditation. Our cadre of Licensing and Certification professionals leverage their backgrounds in Industrial/Organizational Psychology to provide deep expertise to programs in a variety of industries (e.g., construction, health care, finance) in order to identify competent individuals who can safely and effectively perform the requirements of their jobs.

We develop all program documentation, from Candidate Information Brochures to technical reports, including website design and oversight, to ensure your candidates have all the information they need related to their program. We provide guidance on day-to-day program operations, as well as board governance and structure. We are there every step of the way to help you manage the accreditation application process, develop and submit annual reports, and demonstrate your program’s continued compliance with NCCA and ISO 17024 Standards.

Our full-service credentialing program management services include:

  • Program Design, in compliance with NCCA and ISO 17024 Standards
  • Board development and meeting preparation and facilitation
  • Program document development
    • Policies and Procedures Manual, Operating Code
    • Technical Reports (Job Analysis, Standard Setting, Test Specifications)
    • Candidate Information Brochure
    • Candidate Agreement
    • Code of Conduct
  • Website design and management

Calling on its decades of experience, CPS HR applies industry best practices to identify your credentialing programs’ needs and assist you in obtaining accreditation for your keystone programs.

Our certification and licensure consultants and psychometricians will ensure that your programs assess workers’ competence against a validated set of standards, and will develop the documentation necessary to validate that your program is operating in alignment with the rest of the credentialing community and is competitive with other similar programs. When you work with CPS HR Consulting to achieve and maintain accreditation of your programs, you can rest assured that your credential-holders are the best in the business, working safely and ethically to complete the job from the first day their credential is earned.

Additional components of our accreditation services include:

  • Accreditation Application Support in compliance with NCCA Standards
  • Accreditation Application Support for in compliance with ISO 17024
  • Annual Report Development and Submission