HR Membership

HR Consulting
HR department workloads are increasing, with literally no end in sight. We offer an affordable outsourcing solution for public agencies that just don’t have the time, staff or resources to do everything themselves. Outsourcing can improve efficiencies, save money and help you focus energy and resources to shift your organization to a higher level of performance.

We do HR so you don’t have to. With the CPS HR Membership you get the benefit of having a skilled Human Resources professional at a fraction of the cost of an in-house employee or law firm. This way you can focus on your business and customers. If an HR issue comes up, a solution is just a phone call or click away.

HR Policy & Procedures

We will work with you to ensure your HR policies are up to date and you are compliant

Recruitment and Retention

Help with two of the biggest HR challenges today – how to attract, engage, and retain talent.

Coaching & Guidance

Full HR support through phone, email, or chat to coach you through the toughest situations.

General HR

Performance management, discipline, investigations, leave management, classification and compensation questions, onboarding, and more - we can do the heavy lifting for you with expert advice, resources, forms and processes.

Services include:

  • Dedicated Senior Level HR Consultant who understands your business
  • One-hour free meet-up when you activate your membership
  • 12 hours of consulting that you can use at any point during the year
  • Discounted rates for additional services, i.e. training, recruiting, testing, etc.
  • Access to HR Basics Kit including checklists to ensure compliance and best practice for major HR functions

CSDA Endorsed Affiliate:

CSDA has teamed up with us to provide CSDA members an exclusive HR Membership package.

Some of the benefits featured in this package include a dedicated Senior Level HR Consultant, 14 hours of HR consulting, discounted rates for additional services and one-free intake hour when membership is activated.

CalCCA Supporting Partner Affiliate:

CALCCA has teamed up with us to provide CALCCA members exclusive Human Resources Services. As a Select Partner we privileged to serve CALCCA agencies by providing access to skilled public sector HR Consultants who possess a deep bench of expertise, while providing guidance and services for a fraction of the cost of any law firm.

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