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June 16, 2021
Retaining Talent in the New World of Work

COVID-19 has permanently changed the world of work, including in the public sector. What does this mean for the ability of government to engage and retain talent? Join us in this informative session to explore the challenges and opportunities in rethinking how and where work is done, in order to retain talent, government’s most valuable resource.

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June 25, 2021
Resolving Conflict Constructively

Have you ever wondered how to identify specific types of conflict, how to respond to baiting language and how to use building language to respond to defensive language? Learn through experience with three interactive activities that encompass: challenging behaviors, subversive language, and the effective use of communication.

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July 23, 2021
Train Your Brain for Positivity

Learn how and why our minds work that way, and gain tips on how to Train your Brain to shift to the positive and dissolve that black cloud.

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