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Recorded Webinars

Learn Proven Tactics to Empower and Delegate

Learn key tips to help you improve your team’s measurable performance and maintain effective teams. This session delves into tactics for building collaborative, cognitively diverse, high-impact teams through empowerment.

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A 30 Minute Crash Course in Giving Feedback

Giving constructive feedback is an art and can be uncomfortable, it’s even possible to go wrong with positive comments! Learn strategies for giving effective and sincere feedback to increase employee performance and engagement.

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Compassion Fatigue

HR professionals deal with employees that are dealing with life and death situations, domestic violence, workplace violence, mental health and physical health challenges and a long list of other challenges. In this presentation we define compassion fatigue and how it is different from exhaustion or burn out, understand secondary trauma and how it affects HR specifically, and more.

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Get Healthy in a Time of Crisis

Improving your overall health and wellness is one of the best ways to build your immune system and help your body to be resilient. In this session, we will focus on 3 key areas of wellness and offer some new strategies and ideas to incorporate into your daily routine at home and in the workplace.

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Improve Critical Thinking

How is your critical thinking game? Did you know that Critical Thinking is one of the most essential soft skills in the workplace and life? In this course we leave you with three tips to amp up your thinking skills.

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Resolve Conflict Constructively

Have you ever wondered how to identify specific types of conflict, how to respond to baiting language and how to use building language to respond to defensive language? Learn through experience with three interactive activities that encompass: challenging behaviors, subversive language, and the effective use of communication.

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Learn Pitch-Perfect Communication in a Virtual World

Key tips and must-dos for managers and employees to adapt to remote work with efficiency and emotional intelligence. Communication is essential as we adapt to the reality of remote work. In this session we will provide actionable tips to help manage change as we navigate the challenging task of doing our jobs differently.

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Better Decision Making in 30 Minutes

In this 30-minute session we will give you expert tips to help you make rich, more thoughtful decisions that add value both in the workplace and in life.

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Why Video Matters in Recruiting

How would you like to boost your candidate pools by 30+ qualified applicants? Join us for this informative session to understand why video is an important tool in your recruiting efforts and what the process is to make an effective short video.

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Rethinking HR Practices in the Age of COVID-19

This presentation examines statistical data that demonstrates these changes and explores human resources practices that may need adjustments to align with this labor market transformation. Learn and examine the concepts of job value and comparable worth, the building blocks of pay system design, and a phenomenon of inconsistent wage inflations.

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