Train Your Brain for Positivity

Learn how and why our minds work that way, and gain tips on how to Train your Brain to shift to the positive and dissolve that black cloud.
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Terri Bianco

Terri is a Senior Consultant and Instructor at CPS HR Consulting. She has headed her own consulting company (TBEnterprises) since 1998. Terri is a former public official, who recognizes the complexities of government agencies. Additionally, she is the published author of Emerging a Leader, One Step at a Time.

About CPS HR Consulting

CPS HR Consulting is a self-supporting public agency providing a full range of integrated HR solutions to government and nonprofit clients across the country.  Our strategic approach to increasing the effectiveness of human resources results in improved organizational performance for our clients.  We have a deep expertise and unmatched perspective in guiding our clients in the areas of organizational strategy, recruitment and selection, classification and compensation, and training and development.