CPS HR Consulting

Process Improvement Case Study


In April 2020, Ventura County Community College District(VCCCD) entered into contract with CPS HR Consulting to begin a project to improve the three distinct recruitment processes – the Classified, Faculty and Part-Time Faculty recruitment processes.


The project executive sponsors sought to streamline and decrease the amount of time the each process takes, make the processes more user friendly, and increase the clarity and communication of process steps to key stakeholders.


As part of a process improvement project, CPS HR held stakeholder focus groups to discover what was and wasn’t working well with each process. CPS HR then created business process diagrams for each process and gathered and analyzed processing time data. Based on these inputs, a list of strengths and 61 issues was developed. In working with VCCCD leadership, CPS prioritized the 61 issues to 13 of the most important issues to develop recommendations for.


CPS HR developed 40 recommendations in three main areas: 1)improving applicant communication, 2) use of a centralized portal to manage the recruitment process information flow, and 3) conducting independent projects to resolve specific issues. CPS HR also recommended a four phased implementation plan.