CPS HR Consulting

Workload Balancing Case Study


CPS HR conducted a workload balancing case study with a California State Department for the Industrial Hygienist (IH) and Safety Engineer (SE) classifications from March 2020 through July 2020. The study was undertaken to establish support for a budget change proposal by determining the workload requirements in the studied classifications and the staffing levels needed to meet those workload requirements.


The study was originally designed to capture workload information through a time-survey of incumbents. However, due to the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, it was determined that the original time-survey methodology would not be possible.


CPS HR worked with the department to quickly adjust the entire study methodology to instead utilize existing archival timesheet data which provided a robust foundation for establishing current workload needs as well as projecting future needs from historical trends.


The study determined that there was a significant need for additional positions in both the Industrial Hygienist and Safety Engineer roles. Specifically, the study provided justification for there commendation to add an additional 109 Industrial Hygienist positions (a 77%increase in staffing levels) and an additional 44 Safety Engineer positions (a 23% increase in staffing levels).


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