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When it comes to classification and compensation studies, the expertise of CPS HR Consulting makes all the difference — to make your organization more successful. CPS HR understands the issues and challenges public agencies face. After all, we’ve helped them meet their classification, compensation and other human resource needs for more than 40 years.

Classification Services

CPS HR offers a comprehensive suite of classification studies tailored to organizations of any size. Our services include developing classification concepts and structures, conducting job audits, allocating positions to suitable classifications, and revising classification specifications. Whether reviewing entire systems, groups, or individual classifications, we ensure alignment with the work performed and the organizational hierarchy.

Classification Study

Compensation Services

At CPS HR Consulting, we customize all surveys to collect base salary or total compensation (base salary and benefits) data to meet your organization’s needs. We offer flexibility in labor market selection, either utilizing your organization’s traditional market or recommending one based on size, location, and industry. With expertise in working with governing bodies, we develop comprehensive compensation policies aligned with your organization's goals. Through detailed spreadsheets and thorough data validation, we provide recommendations aimed at attracting and retaining top talent for your success.

Compensation Study

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