Recruitment Team

David Niemeyer

Executive Recruiter

David Niemeyer brings an extensive experience in government services to the CPS HR Consulting Executive Recruitment team.  Through his roles as Village Manager, City Manager, Village Administrator, and City Administrator/Assistant to the Mayor all in the state of Illinois.  Human resources and senior executive recruitment are areas that he excels in and thoroughly enjoys. Mr. Niemeyer led recruitments for over 15 department head vacancies as well as numerous other management positions.  This included preparing recruitment profiles and brochures, screening candidates and creating a list of top candidates for the elected officials, developing interview questions, managing assessment centers, conducting background checks, and negotiating employment offers.  His most recent large recruitment was for the police chief of Tinley Park which included a day long assessment center. Additionally, he has worked in a variety of different communities in terms of wealth, demographic, political stability, culture and differing goals. A candidate that is successful in one community may not be successful in other, and so it is important that a recruiter understands the importance of candidate fit in an organization. Mr. Niemeyer’s experience in diverse communities will help in screening candidates that are a good match for an organization.

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Assistant Community Development Director
City of San Carlos

Andrea Mardesich

City of San Carlos has selected Andrea Mardesich to assume the role of Assistant Community Development Director. Ms. Mardesich was previously serving as the Principal Planner for the City. Ms. Mardesich has managed the logistics of the Current Planning Division (e.g. budget, contracts, strategic goals, staff and contractor workloads, etc.). She will begin her role immediately.

Water Services Director
City of Flagstaff

Shannon Jones

The City of Flagstaff has selected Shannon Jones to assume the role of Water Services Director. Mr. Jones comes to the City previously serving as the Public Utilities Department Director for City of Sana Fe. Mr. Jones has 26+ years of experience in the operation of utility systems including construction, plant operations and maintenance, transmission and distribution, treatment facility management, regulatory compliance, and divisional operation. He will begin in his role Approximately February 1, 2023.

Human Resources Director
Johnson County

William Coy

Johnson County has selected William Coy to assume the role of Human Resources Director. Mr. Coy comes to the County previously serving as the Division Chief / Career Executive Appointment for California Department of Human Resources (CalHR). Mr. Coy has 20 years of experience leading HR operations across diverse environments. He will begin in his role on November 28.