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Middle Management / Specialized Recruitment

CPS HR has the expertise, resources and processes to help you secure the best talent for middle management and/or specialized positions within your agency. And because we understand that your agency has its own unique requirements, you’ll get the right recruitment solutions for your needs. We will employ targeted outreach and innovative search techniques to find just the right candidates. With our expert consultants on the job, you can focus more attention on the strategic direction of your agency, while we get the qualified people in place to help put your strategy into action.
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Middle Management / Specialized
Maintenance Administrator - Water Emergency Transportation Authority
San Francisco, CA
Recruitment Plan/Strategy
  • Client collaboration
  • Create tailored plan for your agency and unique position
  • Review of job duties and compensation for marketability
  • Define ideal candidate profile with hiring authority
  • Identify testing/assessment needs
Advertising, Outreach & Sourcing
  • Two-page colored brochure
  • Identify advertising sources
  • Coordinate advertising placements
  • Create targeted marketing campaigns
  • Conduct active sourcing of candidates through e-mail, phone, and social media
Screening and Selection
  • Minimum qualification and resume review
  • Targeted screening interview (4 to 5 questions)
  • Develop interview questions and train interview panel for client’s interview process
  • Coordinate all candidate communication and scheduling
  • Facilitate hiring interview process
  • Provide list of qualified candidates
  • Reference and background check available upon request

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