Employer Branding

Recruitment & Selection
The experts at CPS HR provide a comprehensive range of recruitment services to ensure that you hire the most qualified individuals for your team. Our services include job analysis, recruitment, executive search, selection tool development (including written examinations, interviews, training and experience evaluations, etc.), assessment centers, and test and administration. CPS HR provides the ideal, objective resources for determining a candidate's job-related expertise and competence for the position at hand.

Employer Branding

Every agency has a reputation. It can include perceptions of what it is like to work for your organization, experience based on interacting with your agency and your agency's digital image. That reputation is known as your Employer Brand and can be extremely powerful.

Your agency brand extends to how you are viewed as an employer. Your agency brand is alive in the hearts and minds of your former, current and future employees. The brand conveys organizational culture and is crafted in a way to attract talent that emulates the qualities of your agency's top performing employees.

CPS HR Consulting has designed a public sector employer branding solution that focuses on the goal of increasing your candidate pool as well as retaining and engaging current employees.

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