DEIB Organizational Assessment

Our DEIB organizational assessment creates a foundational baseline with clearly guided next steps for the DEI journey. Our DEIB assessment will provide clients with an accurate assessment of the current organizational climate, culture, and overall effectiveness of any DEI-related organizational efforts. We use an analytic data system to gather Likert scale-based survey data, along with our expert-designed focus group engagement method to gather qualitative and quantitative data for internal organization evaluation.

As a part of our assessment services, our team of experts will review DEIB-related policies, procedures, and practices, to connect and engage the heart of your workforce and community.  In this theme, CPS HR will partner with your leaders to identify barriers and opportunities and recommend the best DEIB practices for equitable treatment of all employees while ensuring the best of your organizational culture is preserved.  Ultimately, the fruition of these efforts will result in an elevated sense of community among employees and an increasingly positive workplace climate and environment.

DEI Assessment Summary:

DEI Engagement Survey and Focus Groups:

Evaluate DEI Assessment Process Results (DEI Survey + DEI focus groups):  

DEI Assessment Presentation and Project Update: