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Blueprint for a Changing Workplace


Never has there been a better opportunity to create positive changes in your workplace. Everyone in your organization was affected by recent external events. No one is the same as they were before. People have adapted to working from home. They have become more independent, flexible, and more productive. Now it will change again and keep changing. As a manager or supervisor, you are in a position to plan, to guide, and to influence the success of a new work culture. But how? This class offers ideas, processes, techniques, and behaviors to move things along in the right direction from the git-go. Why take this class?

Appropriate for all levels.
  • Avoid mistakes that could derail efforts toward a vibrant hybrid work environment
  • Develop practices to bring people back into the fold
  • Uncover and embrace staff needs and desires along with their ideas to streamline and improve work flow
  • Allow teams to self-organize by recreating themselves in ways they remain productive and aligned even as they work independently
  • Restructure the format and content of meetings to build team, spark innovation, reinforce purpose, and create positive relationships
  • Discover the value of coaching as a managing tool for increased employee engagement