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Facilitative Leadership Training


State agencies are seeing rapid change in today’s digital era and the traditional transactional leadership style is being replaced with the facilitative leadership style. Facilitative leaders use accomplished interpersonal skills and cutting-edge virtual management techniques to lead, motivate and create a positive work culture. The result is an engaged workforce that’s empowered to innovate and help shape an agency’s future success.

This facilitative leadership training counts towards the 20 hour biennial training requirement for managers and will leverage findings from the following to tune up your facilitator leadership skills and propel you to the forefront of 21st Century Leaders:

  • A five-year study at Google
  • Research in neuroscience and positive psychology
  • The most recent research on leading virtual and hybrid teams

Appropriate for all levels.
  • Use emotional intelligence to increase empathy with virtual staff
  • Apply techniques from positive psychology to facilitate conversations with employees, upper management and stake holders and manage conflict
  • Give effective feedback
  • Create an engaged team and nurture a positive culture by creating a psychologically safe environment, leveraging effective motivational techniques and teaching employees the tools to decrease stress including how to prioritize projects and improve processes
  • Use a coach approach to manage employees and apply a simple model to conduct an effective counseling interview
  • Guide employees through change initiatives using tools to overcome resistance and get buy-in
  • Manage virtual and hybrid teams more effectively