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Legislative Bill Analysis


This course is designed for any State employee who is required to analyze a bill to determine its impact on a State department or program.

Legislative personnel who have been in the job 6-12 months or who have recently been assigned this task. Legislative analysts who need a refresher or deeper understanding of the process are also advised to take this class.
  • Describe the legislative process including how a bill becomes law
  • Define and discuss at least 20 terms related to the legislative process
  • Name at least five different sources for locating information in order to analyze the impact of legislation
  • Identify the key components and sections of a bill
  • Be proficient reading different versions of a bill
  • Know when to propose amendments and how to write amendment language
  • Summarize a bill and learn how to get started writing the main sections of a bill analysis
  • Use the Internet as a legislative tool to subscribe to a bill and listen to committee hearings and to gather information including; background on specific Assembly and Senate bills, the legislative calendar and bill analyses prepared by legislative committees