Recruitment Team

Pamela Derby

Executive Recruiter

Pam Derby has over 25 years of experience in managing public relations and client services in both the public and private sector. Since joining CPS HR Executive Search in 2003, she has managed a wide range of recruitments for state, city, county and special district executives including city manager, assistant and deputy city manager, executive director, general manager, police chief, fire chief, community and economic development director, human resource director, finance director, public works director, registrar of voters, library director, and director of information technology in addition to specialized support positions. Prior to joining CPS HR Executive Search, Ms. Derby served as the Aide to the Yuba County Board of Supervisors serving as the Board’s liaison to County Department Heads, the community, and the media. Previous to her local government service, Ms. Derby served in the private sector and with several non-profit lobbying associations where she was responsible for the management of several large consumer groups.

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Executive Director
San Joaquin Council of Governments

Diane Nguyen

San Joaquin Council of Governments has selected Diane Nguyen to assume the role of Executive Director. Ms. Nguyen has been the Deputy Director at SJCOG since 2012. She will assume her new role immediately.

General Counsel
Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC)

Kathleen Kane

Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) has selected Kathleen Kane to be their General Counsel. Ms. Kane, who currently serves as City Attorney for Burlingame and previously served as City Attorney for East Palo Alto, will take over from Adrienne Weil, who is retiring after a decade of service. The Association of Bay Area Governments (ABAG) has for some time contracted with MTC to provide its staffing services. Ms. Kane will additionally act as legal counsel for ABAG under the contract. She will start in her new role on November 30, 2020.

City Manager
City of Clayton

Reina Schwartz

City of Clayton, CA has selected Reina Schwartz to assume the role of City Manager. Ms. Schwartz comes to the City previously serving as the Assistant City Manager for the City of San Pablo. Ms. Schwartz is an accomplished local government professional with more than three decades of public sector experience. She will begin in her role on December 14, 2020.