Recruitment Solutions

CPS HR Consulting Recruitment Solutions

From entry level through executive positions across your organization we can help you build candidate pools and place the perfect candidate.

Within each level of service, we can also offer flexibility to meet your unique needs. Options include, but are not limited to:
Let CPS HR Consulting save you time and money recruiting the best candidates for your agency. Our recruitment solutions include a full range of services from marketing and outreach to managing the entire recruitment and selection process.

With our recruiting experts on the job, you can get back to focusing on the mission of your agency, while we find the best talent for your team.

General Recruitment
With a range of practical services,
CPS HR can help your agency attract
qualified candidates faster, easier
and more cost-effectively.
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Our targeted outreach and innovative search techniques will help you find the right candidates to help put your strategy into action.
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Executive Search
The efficient, cost-effective solution
for recruiting city, county, special district and nonprofit executives, managers, directors and division heads.
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